Gall and Hofstadter – two Laws worth learning

Today I ran across this blog post that references two of my favorite “laws”, namely Gall’s Law and Hofstadter’s Law.

The posting is a commentary of the importance of simplicity and resonates with the idea that “creativity is the elimination of options”.

I guess I should mention that Mr. Hofstadter is the source of inspiration for the name of my blog “(I am) Strangely Looping”.

His insightful 2007 book is a tour-de-force of thought-provoking ideas.


John McCarthy Interview

Today I listened to Guy Steele interviewing John McCarthy on the history of Lisp.

For me the most most interesting part of the interview is the continued reference to how a proper representation of an abstract syntax was the most important aspect of a programming language. He discusses how having multiple concrete notations that map to a single abstract syntax may be desirable.

I also found interesting that at the time he considered dynamically typing (in Lisp) to be a bug and not a feature.