Book – Brand Media Strategy by Antony Young

I’ve just completed reading Brand Media Strategy by Antony Young .

Mr. Young identifies that the purpose of the book is to discuss the impact of digital media on advertising and marketing and to provide a playbook for building a communication plan that supports and furthers your organization’s marketing efforts.

The book is written with three main ideas in mind:

  1. Communications planning must be strategic and holistic across platforms and channels.
  2. The book is based on what the media looks like today not an updated title with digital included as an afterthought or an “add-on”.
  3. To provide material to assist people who are responsible for brand strategies.

If you’ve spent your career involved in traditional advertising and had limited exposure to the online world and/or direct marketing this book might be the just the right start at helping one understand how the world has changed and where it is headed.

I found the book interesting and well written but ultimately not particularly eye opening given what I’ve been up to for the last three or four years.

I’d also like to call out the Malcolm Gladwell reference on page 94 and the Wordle reference on page 218.

Book - Brand Media Strategy by Antony Young
Book - Brand Media Strategy by Antony Young

Book – Designing Social Interfaces

I highly recommend Designing Social Interfaces for anyone involved in creating or maintaining a consumer oriented web property.

About one hundred social interface patterns are identified and discussed.

Book - Designing Social Interfaces
Cover - Designing Social Interfaces