The Service Cloud

I continue to be impressed by the vision, capability, and reach of the platform.

The following video was taped at the 1/15/09 Service Cloud Launch event.

The first 23 minutes or so of the following video is a good “State of the Union” message for overall delivered by Mark Benioff Chairman & CEO of

The rest of the presentation describes the announcement of the “Service Cloud” extensions to the existing capabilities of the Service and Support Applications and extensions to the platform.

While the underlying concepts behind the idea of using the Internet to engage in conversations with your customers have been with us for some time (Cluetrain Manifesto) the growth of social networks like Facebook provide leverage to apply these concepts in ways that were not possible in the past.

It will be interesting to see how quickly companies move to embrace this level of engagement with their customers.


Zembly: A first look

I’ve been thinking about creating a Facebook Application for some time now.

There appears to be a wide variety of options to consider when deciding on an approach.

Everything from writing to the native Facebook APIs to using for Facebook.

Zembly (a Sun project) is one choice that attempts to make it straightforward to create an application that not only will run on the Facebook platform but also other popular platforms.

A Zembly application can also be deployed on the following platforms:

  • Web widgets
  • Google Gadgets
  • OpenSocial
  • Facebook
  • Meebo
  • iPhone (Mobile Safari)

On first blush the approach looks like yet another way to create a HTML/CSS/Javascript based application with a non-portable set of APIs.