An example of the Agile Cloud in action

An example of the Agile Cloud.

“You can build prototypes in the time it takes to have a meeting”
Simon Willison – Open Platform launch

This is phrase which sticks in my mind from Tuesday and I make no apologies for including it in 2 blog posts in a day. It has to be said that I don’t want ever to be in a 7 hour meeting (that was roughly how long ContentTagger took to build). However it’s still quite a quick turnaround and it got some extra niceness from a couple of “watercooler” moments (although one of them may have added on a couple of hours).

I definitely have attended meetings that have lasted at least seven hours.

The prototype was built using the default Google App Engine framework, Django templates and the Python client library for OpenPlatform.

A nice combination of Google App Engine, Python, and jQuery.