Installing Ubuntu 9.04 beta Under VMware Fusion

This morning I installed the recently released Ubuntu 9.04 Beta in virtual machine under VMware Fusion on OS X.

I usually download the “Alternate Install” ISO so that I have an image that will work for the widest variety of hardware and situations.

The installation went fine, but after the first boot following the installation the automatic installation of the VMware tools did not work and continued to fail. Initiating the “Install VMware Tools” function from the menu caused an ever increasing number of instances of Nautilus file browser windows to be opened. (Note: If this is happening to on your system use the “Cancel Install of VMware Tools” function from the menu.)

The first thing I tried was to run the Update Manager to apply any updates since the beta ISO was released. Sadly, despite applying about 165MB in updates the problem remained.

Next, I opened a Terminal session and ran the following command to ensure that I had an adequate minimal build environment for the installation of the tools. I thought that perhaps a build component was missing that VMware Tools was expecting to find.
$ sudo apt-get install build-essential

When that did not work I decided to try manually installing the tools.

I started by initiating the “Install VMware Tools” function from the VMware Tools menu, and then opened a Terminal window and performed the following actions:

  • $ df -v (to see the mount point of the virtual cdrom image that contains the install tools archive)
  • $ cd /media/cdrom (use the actual mount point on your system)
  • $ cp VMwareTools-7.9.3-146107.tar.gz ~/Desktop (use the actual filename on your system)
  • Clicked “Cancel the VMware Tools Installation” from the VMware Tools menu and went back to the Terminal
  • $ cd ~/Desktop
    $ tar xvfz VMwareTools-7.9.3-146107.tar.gz
    $ cd vmware-tools-distrib
    $ sudo ./
    and take the defaults to each question.

So far everything else seems to be functioning normally.

The next step is to begin working on a 9.04 release of pywebdev package.

Ubuntu v9.04 Beta under VMware Fusion
Ubuntu v9.04 Beta under VMware Fusion