Tim Bray on the Future of the Web

An interesting interview with Tim Bray on The Future of the Web.

The topics covered are fairly wide ranging with the more interesting questions and answers in the last two thirds of the interview.

One of my favorite web frameworks Django is mentioned favorably several times.

I completely agree with his position regarding REST/WOA as being the architectural pattern that matters today.

On the topic of cloud computing Mr. Bray talks about the alignment of agile methods, open source, and cloud computing working to deliver “monetization at the point of value”. This seems to be a recurring theme.

He poses three questions concerning adoption of the cloud computing.

  1. What is the right level of abstraction for the cloud?
  2. How can one avoid vendor lock-in?
  3. How can one ensure security is handled appropriately?

Noting that the economics of cloud computing are compelling but the above questions need to be addressed.

His comments about enterprise adoption of what is currently today’s startup technology platforms is also interesting.


Tim Berners-Lee on the next Web | Video on TED.com

Another video from the TED conference on a topic that is near and dear to my heart, standardized data formats that are capable of expressing the relationships to other data. This is essentially the same vision that is described as the “Semantic Web” but expressed using the much less imposing nomenclature of “Linked Data”.   The Slides are available here .

Vodpod videos no longer available.