MarkLogic Server on Ubuntu 9.04

Recently I’ve been taking a look at the MarkLogic Server platform.

Of the available Linux distributions it is officially only supported on RedHat Enterprise Linux.

Since my Linux distribution of choice recently is Ubuntu I was happy to find that Donnie Cameron had documented how to install and run the MarkLogic Server platform on Ubuntu v8.10.

I’m pleased to report that the procedure also works for Ubuntu 9.04.

One item to note is that the step that uses alien to perform a conversion from an rpm package to a deb takes a bit of time and if you’re not patient you might think the process has hung.

Below are the steps that I used to install MarkLogic Server on Ubuntu 9.04 which are a slight change from the steps outlined by Donnie Cameron.

  1. Create a temporary directory for staging the creation of the new deb file and cd into that directory
  2. $ sudo apt-get install rpm alien
  3. $ wget ( the reason for using an updated lsb package )
  4. Get the appropriate Mark Logic server RPM file from here:
  5. $ sudo gdebi lsb-base_3.2-22_all.deb
  6. $ sudo alien –to-deb –verbose MarkLogic-4.0-5.i686.rpm (patience)
  7. $ sudo dpkg -i marklogic_4.0-5_i386.deb (using the actual .deb name)
  8. $ sudo mkdir /var/lock/subsys
  9. $ sudo /etc/init.d/MarkLogic start

The MarkLogic init scripts are in /etc/init.d/ and work in the expected fashion.

I’m looking forward to working with MarkLogic Server and even more specifically using XQuery and anticipate reporting my findings in future entries.