Flickr Widget works for SmugMug

After a bit of searching I ran across a post that described how the author had written a Perl script to convert a SmugMug feed into a Flickr style feed so that the Flick Widget could be used with a SmugMug account.

Fortunately one of the comments for that post mentioned that the SmugMug RSS feeds will work with the installed Flickr widgets.

After a couple of tries in picking the correct RSS feed from my SmugMug home page I was successful in adding a SmugMug feed to my sidebar.

I contacted support at SmugMug with the information so that it can be included in their on-line help.

The Steps (updated: 3/8/09 based on a comment from Mr. Rogriquez. Thank you.)

  1. Added the Flickr widget to my sidebar.
  2. From my SmugMug “home” page, clicked on “Available Feeds” at the bottom of the page to display the feed links.
  3. Copied the link to one of the RSS feeds into the clipboard.
  4. Went back to the admin interface and started to set the options on the widget and pasted the link into the RSS Link field in the widget, set the title, set the no. of items to show and saved the settings.